iWOAR 2017
21. - 22. September 2017
Rostock, Germany
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jesse Hoey
» ... products which do not deeply embed social and emotional intelligence will fail to align with the needs and values of target end-users, and will thereby have only limited utility. ... «
iWOAR 2017 – 4th international Workshop on Sensor-based Activity Recognition and Interaction
21. - 22. September 2017, Rostock
Ubiquitous systems are becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Functionality and user experience often depends on accurate, sensor-based activity recognition and interaction. Systems aiming to provide the user with assistance or to monitor their behavior and condition rely heavily on sensors and the activities and interactions that they can recognize. Providing adequate activity recognition and interaction requires consideration for particular elements: sensors that are capable of capturing relevant behavior, methods that reason about sensor readings in the context of these behaviors, and appropriate methods for assisting and interacting with the user. All of these aspects are essential and can influence the quality and suitability of the provided service.

Objective of iWOAR 2017 — the 4th International Workshop on Sensor-based Activity Recognition and Interaction — is to discuss these challenges and possible solution approaches. The workshop focuses on:
  1. sensors, sensor infrastructures, and sensing technologies needed to detect user behaviors and to provide relevant interactions between systems and users
  2. data and model-driven methods for intelligent monitoring and user assistance that supports users in everyday settings
  3. novel applications and evaluation studies of methods for intelligent monitoring of everyday user behavior and user assistance using sensing technologies
  4. intelligent methods for synthesizing assistance and interaction strategies using sensing technologies
iWOAR 2017 aims to foster the relationship between academia and industry. We strongly encourage industry participants to present challenges, ideas, experiences, novel applications, and studies of existing methods. Accepted industrial papers will be presented in an industrial session during the workshop.
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15 June 2017 - 23.59 (AoE)
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21 September 2017

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